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Say goodbye to foot pain.

Introducing the first scientifically-developed foot protector, made by women for people everywhere.

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Shoes don't have to hurt.


We've tried every product on the market -- none of them completely prevent irritation, pain, and discomfort.

torturedSoles non-slip pads use the latest technology to stay in place without adhesives damaging your shoes.

The ultra thin pad cushions troublesome areas while preventing your foot from sliding around inside stopping the action that causes blisters and painful irritation. 

How it Works 

How to Boost Shoe Comfort: Ways to Wear torturedSoles Anti-Slip Pads


Stays in place

torturedSoles non-slip pads stay in place no matter what you put them through. No more bunching, bulking, painful heel pads or falling off!

Latest technology

Our technology was scientifically-developed to prevent irritation, discomfort, cushion and stay on your foot.

Won't damage shoes or nylons

Our adhesive is strong but gentle. Easily removable with warm water so it won't ruin your expensive shoes or damage skin, and you can apply the non-slip pads directly to your hosiery, too.


Foot & Heel Protectors

Polka Dot Grip

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Extra Non-Slip Grip


What people are saying

Once I had my shoes on and stood up I noticed immediately that the pressure I tend to feel on my left arch was minimized and most importantly, it stayed that way as the day went on! Also, I tend to walk up a lot of stairs each day and I noticed that my heel was staying in my shoe much more which certainly helped reduce/eliminate the potential for blisters on both of my feet. torturedSoles are a great product!
— Michael D.
The verdict? torturedSoles anti-slip pads work! torturedSoles really, really work! I was amazed at the simplicity of the solution to my heel problems. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to wear traditional pumps. Now, with torturedSoles, I shop for traditional pumps with confidence! I cannot imagine my world without this product!
— Lizzy
I have an issue with my toenails rubbing against my toes when I run. I recently started using strips of torturedSoles between my toes. What a difference! My toes feel great!
— Alyssa B.
These shoes are impossible to wear without the Polka Dot Anti-Slip pad. They are my size but the back of my ankle rubs with each step. So I placed the polka dot pad on my heel and can walk without any heel slippage or skin irritation. This anti-slip pad has improved my shoe bravery and the way I shop for shoes.
— Paige
These heel protectors are the first item of this sort that actually protects my heel. I suffer from something called Haglunds deformity or “Pump Bump!” There is enough cushion in these pads to stay put all day and reduce the pain that sometimes comes with this heel problem.
— JoJo S.
I sometimes have to pass over what I think is the perfect shoe because it rubs my heel. After a few steps you know that is not going to be comfortable. The worst is after you have the shoes home, and have already worn them, only to find out that they give you horrible blisters. They fit great in the store, but have just the right amount of friction that you’re now wearing a princess band aid for days. I have tried buying heel pads from shoe stores or online. They never stay in place. They are usually rolled up in the bottom of my shoe and useless.

I now know the answer to my shoe problems have been solved! I no longer have to pass over “the perfect pair” in fear of discomfort. torturedSoles Polka Dot Anti Slip Pads are the answer. The Polka Dot Pad adheres to the back of your heel and stays in place!
— Savannah (Nov 23, 2017)

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