How to Boost Shoe Comfort: Ways to Wear torturedSoles Anti-Slip Pads

Here at torturedSoles, we’re all about letting you be you - whether that means wearing your finest stilettos for a night out or repping your team in the bowling league championships, we want you to feel comfortable and confident no matter what.

Did you know that you can customize the way you use torturedSoles to maximize your shoe comfort?

The most common way to use the anti-slip pads are to place them directly on your skin with the adhesive where your heel meets your shoe to prevent rubbing and slipping. When used this way, the pads will stay in place for 4-6 hours (longer in most cases).

If you are wearing socks or panty hose, you may still want to use torturedSoles. You can place the pad under or over socks or panty hose. The adhesive will stick to the surface it is placed on but won’t damage fabrics, so you can still wear your favorite shoes and outfits, with or without socks or panty hose. Wearing torturedSoles can be a huge comfort under socks and boots in the winter!

PRO TIP: Men find shoe horns helpful when they wear torturedSoles under socks to help the foot slip into the shoe more easily.


Do you have a part of your shoe that is sticking out or rubbing, or do you want to avoid putting adhesive on your skin? You can do a reverse and attach torturedSoles pads directly to the shoe (with the adhesive side). The nonslip side will touch your skin for added protection and comfort, and you can avoid sticking the pad to your skin if you choose.

On certain fabrics and leathers like suede, the adhesive may leave a wet mark when removed from the lining. To remove, simply use warm water on a cloth to wipe gently. The lining will dry cleanly and no wet mark will remain.


Next time you’re getting ready to use torturedSoles, consider one of the following ways to wear them:

  • On heel

  • On foot/toes

  • Under socks

  • Under panty hose

  • Over/on socks

  • Over/on panty hose

  • On the shoe itself

No matter the outfit or activity, you can use your torturedSoles to help you feel better for longer. If you have more questions about how to use torturedSoles, visit our How It Works page.

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