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Have you ever avoided your favorite shoes because they hurt your heels and feet?

We’ve all been there, torn between style and comfort. And it's too bad. When you're in your favorite shoes, you stand taller with your head high, instantly more confident. Anything is possible with the right shoes on.

Your soles deserve better.

Most products out there aren’t that effective. Some ruin the inside lining of our shoes, some are uncomfortable, painful, bulky, awkward, and just come off.  

After trying everything on the market, we’ve developed a new kind of heel protector that actually works (and we’re 100% women-owned, so we have experience in this kind of thing).

Our anti-slip pads were scientifically-developed with the latest technology to ensure that they stay in place no matter what. So you can nail that pitch or rock that dance floor without a second thought. And they won’t ruin your best shoes or nylons.

We can’t wait for you to try them! 

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