How do torturedSoles work?

torturedSoles anti-slip pads prevent irritation caused by uncomfortable shoes while keeping your back heel and foot from sliding around inside your shoe. Our technology was scientifically developed to give you the best grip and most reliable foot protector on the market.

Apply torturedSoles to your heel, foot, or sole - anywhere on your foot where your shoes cause discomfort. You can also affix torturedSoles directly on hosiery. torturedSoles anti-slip pads stay in place for up to six hours and usually longer.

For more information on how they work, visit our How It Works page.

When should I wear torturedSoles?

Many people wear torturedSoles with high heels or other uncomfortable shoes anywhere from work to nights out, special events, and weddings. 

We've also heard people are using them other places like on their thumbs when bowling, fingers when using gardening tools (under gloves) - anywhere a blister or irritation my occur. 

Do not wear torturedSoles with ill-fitting shoes; our products are not intended to fix shoes that are too large or too small.

Can I wear torturedSoles more than once?

We do not recommend wearing torturedSoles more than once for your safety, as the adhesive will be less effective each time you wear the product.

Why are torturedSoles better than drugstore products?

We tried every drugstore product on the market and found that most foot pads or first aid solutions are bulky, fall off, look unattractive, and simply don’t work.

Our products were scientifically-developed with top-grade adhesive and polyester materials with a non-slip coating to remain in place for up to six hours and usually longer. Give them a try - you won’t believe how well they grip your heels! Our anti-slip pads won’t damage hosiery or linings and usually make the fit of your shoe better.

Will torturedSoles damage my shoes?

No. We developed torturedSoles with adhesive that sticks well to your skins. Our non-slip coating grips the inside of your shoes without the use of any adhesives. People are also using them on the inside of their shoes - the adhesive doesn't damage the lining and wipes clean with warm water. If you have any questions before wear, please contact us at info@tortured-soles.com.

What product do you recommend for my event?

Please contact us if you need help deciding between products and packs! Our email address is info@tortured-soles.com.

Do you offer volume discounts? I’m buying them for my entire wedding party.

Please contact us at info@tortured-soles.com if you have a large order request.

Can you send me a sample?

We are always interested in partnerships and collaborations. If you are a member of the press or would like to explore a business relationship, please contact us at info@tortured-soles.com!

Do you use environmentally-friendly materials?

Yes, we take pride in using green packaging materials and are striving to build an eco-friendly business. You can learn more on our Green Matters page.

Where are they made?

torturedSoles products are manufactured in Minnesota with imported fabric by a privately owned and operated IS0-13485/CE certified full service manufacturer.