torturedSoles Announces Launch of First Woman-Owned Heel Protector Pad Line

The Patent-Pending Foot Pads Use Medical-Grade Adhesive to Prevent Irritation for Up to Six Hours


Somerville, New Jersey, December 19, 2017 ( - torturedSoles announced today the launch of the nation’s first patent-pending heel protector pad designed to protect feet from painful shoes. The anti-slip pads keep heels from popping out of shoes and feet from slipping around inside the shoe, limiting the unnecessary movement that can cause pain and irritation.

Millions of people are forced to choose between comfort and style when they get dressed every day, often wearing painful shoes because they like a certain style or are required to wear them to work. Anyone who’s worn designer shoes knows how exciting it is to wear them, and how disappointing it is when they cause pain and blisters. Typical drugstore products don’t stay in place, bunch up, and damage expensive shoes.

torturedSoles is the first women-owned heel protector company on the market, now available online at for shipping in the United States. Paige, a customer, said: “These shoes are impossible to wear without the Polka Dot Anti-Slip Pad. They are my size but the back of my ankle rubs with each step. I placed the pad on my heel and can walk without any heel slippage or skin irritation. This anti-slip pad has improved my shoe bravery and the way I shop for shoes.”

torturedSoles pads are the first scientifically-developed anti-slip foot pads that use a flexible, medical-grade adhesive that stays in place even when your foot sweats and won’t ruin shoes or nylons. torturedSoles offer:

  • Four (4) different designs and styles
  • Medical-grade adhesive that stays in place
  • Won’t damage shoes or nylons
  • Stay in place for up to six (6) hours
  • Women-owned and operated
  • Easy online ordering

For more information about torturedSoles, visit or email

About torturedSoles: torturedSoles offers the first patent-pending foot protector pads developed by a woman for people everywhere. The anti-slip pads keep feet snugly inside shoes, preventing foot pain and irritation for up to six hours.