8 Pack: Oval Polka Dot Non-Slip Cushion Grip

8 Pack: Oval Polka Dot Non-Slip Cushion Grip


Our Oval Polka Dot Anti-Slip Pads are perfect for most everyday uses. The wide oval shape covers a generous area, and the polka dot grip pattern keeps the pad and shoe in place. Try them in your shoes, on your heels, the ball of your foot, or on the sides where rubbing or irritation occurs.

Oval Polka Dot Anti-Slip Pads stick to skin for approximately 6 hours and usually longer. Apply pads to heels or any other area of your foot experiencing discomfort.

Apply directly to skin or nylons/hosiery products to help reduce the slipping inside of shoes.

Does not damage shoes, nylons or hosiery products. Do not wear with over-sized or non-fitting shoes.

Apply to clean, dry skin (adhesive does not stick well if contact occurs with lotions, moisturizers, oil, make-up, etc.)

  • Oval shape for wide coverage

  • Stays in place for up to 6 hours (usually longer)

  • 100% polyester with polka dot anti-slip grip

  • Water-based adhesive for most normal skin types

  • Shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging

  • 2.18 in. x 1.18 in. (5.5 cm x 3 cm)

  • 8 pads/pack

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