Our guide to bridesmaid gifts

How to give your besties their best day ever

When you’re getting married, the focus is almost entirely on you (and your partner). And if you’re having a bridal party, they’re going to spend your Big Day catering to your every need (i.e. cheerfully posing for the 10th attempt at that hard-to-get photo you saw on Pinterest).

Thank your friends and family with these adorable and useful gift bags. You’ll want to make sure your wedding party feels appreciated and has all the essentials they need on hand to feel comfortable and happy during the long day.

P.S. These gift bags are great for close family and can be adapted for your vendors, too!

Here are our top bridesmaid gift suggestions:

Handwritten card

No, you can’t thank your bridal party via text. Sit down before the wedding and write them a good old fashioned thank you note. Tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are they are in your wedding.

Try these cute cards made by independent designers. Click through to purchase.

Personal Gift

Consider each person and your budget. Is there something else you can add to boost the personal touch?

Would they like a new robe to get ready in? A funny coffee mug? A gift card for movie tickets?

Add something fun and thoughtful for maximum impact. And it doesn’t have to be pricey, just personal.

Champagne in a can

You. Cannot. Go. Wrong. With. Sparkly. Stuff. In. A. Can.

Bonus points for adorable straws. Your friends will thank you.

Day-of Essentials

Here’s where you make sure they are comfortable during the day. Add in snacks, gum, Band-aids, chapstick, water, sunscreen, and Advil for maximum happiness. You can get creative here too. Sunglasses? Extra iPhone charger? Artisanal chocolates? Think about which items will put a smile on their face and make their day go smoothly.


We couldn’t get through this post without mentioning the obvious — formal shoes hurt.

Most women know the specific torture of wearing heels all day and then trying to hold down the dance floor all night.

Make sure your VIPs are covered with a combo pack of 12 anti-slip foot protector pads. They will stay in place (seriously, they won’t budge) for six hours, and won’t ruin shoes with sticky adhesives. Contact us here if you have any questions about usage or large orders.

Remember, a happy wedding party makes for a great wedding. Take care of your family and friends with a thoughtful yet practical gift bag. Here’s wishing you a beautiful day!