8 Pack: Hourglass Extra Non-Slip Cushion Grip

8 Pack: Hourglass Extra Non-Slip Cushion Grip


Sometimes you need something different. Our Hourglass Extra Anti-Slip Pads help you protect those hard to reach places, so you’re comfortable no matter the shoe, with extra anti-slip adhesive that won’t budge.

Adhesive sticks to shoes or skin for approximately 4-6 hours and usually longer.

Apply directly to shoes, skin or nylons/hosiery products to help reduce the slipping inside of shoes.

Does not damage shoes, nylons or hosiery products.

Do not wear with over-sized or non-fitting shoes.

Apply to clean, dry skin (adhesive does not stick well if contact occurs with lotions, moisturizers, oil, make-up, etc.)

  • Hourglass shape for easy adjustment and comfort

  • Stays firmly in place for 4-6 hours (usually longer)

  • 100% polyester with anti-slip

  • Water based adhesive for most normal skin types

  • Shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging

  • 2.18 in. x 2.18 in. (5.5 cm x 5.5 cm)

  • 8 pads/pack

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